Therapists face many demands these days. Clients want (and deserve) effective treatment for complex problems. Insurance companies ask us to provide short-term therapy and to demonstrate “medical necessity.” Agencies want us to maintain a hefty caseload with high levels of client satisfaction. In addition, we’re expected to be knowledgeable about evidence-based treatment. Many therapists cope with these challenges by updating their skills and obtaining advanced clinical training. However, you need training that is flexible, affordable, and focused on clinical practice.

The Clinical Practice of Cognitive Therapy is an intensive training program in CBT designed to meet the needs of practicing professionals in Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, and Counseling. It consists of a series of seminars over a period of ten months that cover both the basic principles of Cognitive Therapy and the application of CBT in complex clinical situations. Through distance education, you can join colleagues from around the world in gaining an in-depth understanding of CBT without traveling away from home and on your own schedule.

Each month you will download an unedited audio recording of the class and then complete the program on your own timetable with no fixed deadlines. Like a podcast, you can listen to the audio when convenient. Unlike a podcast, the audio is integrated with readings, online video and resources, experiential exercises, and an online discussion forum to provide in-depth training in CBT. You can complete the program on your own timetable and take longer than the 10 months if you prefer.

This program is approved for continuing education credit by major professional organizations (see brochure). In addition, you can use completion of this training in partial fulfillment of the requirements for certification by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy or you can seek certification through the Cleveland Center for Cognitive Therapy.

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