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What is "Behavioral Health" and Why should I Care?

It is the hallmark of successful businesses that they look for every competitive advantage they can. This really has to include one's workforce, as the physical and mental health of personnel is a contributor to these advantages. It is a moral thing to do as well.

Managers often complain that the biggest problems they experience are personnel related. These problems are costly, and there is a well-known correlation between behavioral health issues, job performance, and costs, at every level within an organization

Behavioral health issues include the range of mental and emotional problems. Depression and substance abuse, common as they are, represent two of the most significant examples of behavioral problems with well-documented impact in the workplace. Situational life events occur in all of us from time to time, and can also cause acute disruption in work performance.

The consequences of these behavioral issues can cause an increased risk of accidents, contribute to poor morale, create difficult relationships with co-workers and supervisors, and can lead to an increased use of sick leave, disability and health insurance use, and worker's compensation claims.

PsychSource is the division of Behavioral Health Associates, Inc. that is experienced in bridging the "clinical-occupational" chasm. Dr. Warren Salkin, Ph.D., LICDC-CS directs PsychSource and has decades of experience in the provision of clinical services in an occupational setting. He has served numerous corporations, municipalities, emergency services departments and hospitals. He would be pleased to speak with you regarding your needs.

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